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Want to strengthen your communication skills? Here are four ways you can make that happen by connecting with Writing for Life.

1. Equip Yourself: Read through the pages of and use the writing process when you tackle your next project. Try the models and see if they work for you.

2. Attend a workshop: Learn basic skills and immediately put them to work by writing actual assignments. Learn and apply social media skills to your ministry. Receive feedback, both spoken and written, in real time. Discuss what you are learning with other writers and leaders from other parts of the Cru community.

3. Sign up for Coaching: After reading through the website or attending a workshop, send an email to Describe a writing project you are currently working on, and explain what you are hoping to do with it. Let’s see what we can accomplish if we work together.

4. Host a Workshop: Provide a location for our next workshop so we can invite staff members and their friends from across the Cru and non-profit community to join us. You organize housing, meals and meeting room space. Our team promotes the conference, handles registration and brings content plus workshops. Content includes basic writing skills plus social media skills.

Together, let’s build bridges so that:

  • Staff members can strengthen their communication skills
  • Potential communicators and ministry leaders can connect with each other.

Writing for Life is a partnership of the Communications Team, Digital Strategies and the hosting community designed to meet the needs of non-profit communicators including Cru staff members and their friends.

For more information, contact Anne Marie Winz at


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