You have done the hard work of gathering, sorting and organizing. Now it’s time to write. Before you start:


1. Silence the outer voices. Shut down social media accounts, email and other Internet distractions, and turn off your phone.


2. Silence the inner voices. Your inner critic has no business telling you that you can’t write. You have already done your homework. You are ready to go.


3. Be filled with the Spirit. Jesus said if anyone was thirsty, they could come to him and drink, and from their inner selves of those who believed in him would flow rivers of living water. Go, drink deeply from the well, believe, and then write from the rivers of living water within you. (See John 7:37-39).


4. Write as fast as you can. Follow your outlines. Get your first draft done. This is the draft where you create something that didn’t previously exist.


5. Remember, when writing is hard, you might not have enough information. Stop what you are doing, ask more questions, find out who has the answers. Take notes, then begin again.


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