ABCDE Changed-Life Story Model

 Here’s is a format you can use to tell any story.
A-Action–start with something that happens. What’s the most interesting part of your story? Who are the main characters? Where are they? Can you include sight, sound and smell?
B-Background–supply information that helps your reader care about the story subject.
Try answering the who, what, when, where, why questions with interesting information.
C-Conflict–What does the story subject want (ambition)? To explain the gospel to their friends, grow in their faith, solve a problem that seems too big for them?
 What keeps him or her from gaining it (complication)? Is it a person or a set of circumstances outside of themselves? Is it something from within?
 If you can show struggle and connect emotions to the struggle, the person you are writing about becomes more believable to your readers.
D-Development–And then what happens? What does the character do to resolve the conflict? Is there a God moment when something changes?
E-End–Keep it short. Leave room for the story to continue.





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