AIDA–Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

AIDA is one of several effective ways to organize your online content.

Whatever topic you are writing about, try this:

ATTENTION:  What’s the most interesting part of your content. Pick a startling statement, a shocking statistic, or a story that illustrates your point.

INTEREST: What about your content will be most interesting to your readers? Which part will they care most about?

DESIRE: What do your readers want? How might your content help them reach their goals?

ACTION: What could your reader do right now with your content? What other links could they click to take them to content on your website?

You might try text like this found at

(Attention) Cru Knows Students. Cru Knows Missions.

(Interest–who’s more interesting than you are?) Summer Missions are designed with you, students, in mind.

We know your strengths. We know your schedule. We know you are ready and able to change the world.

Full-time Cru staff missionaries don’t just lead the trip, but are focused on pouring into you as you pour into others – guiding you, training you, and encouraging you. Our experience on campus and our dedicated global partnerships with local ministries translate to an experience that is significant to both you and the mission.

(Desire–Who doesn’t want to grow?) Spiritual Greenhouse

God urges us to pursue a personal relationship with Him and have faith that produces action.

Maybe that’s already a reality in your life or perhaps it’s something you want to be true of yourself. God wants you to grow this summer.

(Action–invite your reader to join you)  Why not put yourself in an environment that will accelerate your growth?

Pray. Ask God to show you how you can best accelerate your faith this summer. Where can you get input? Authentic community. Evangelism training and experience. God’s heart for the lost. Challenging Bible study. Encouraging discipleship. Worshipful moments.

Let’s go find a spot this summer where we can sprout up, blossom, grow branches and produce fruit.

You can


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