After you have written, set your work aside for a time and let it rest. Then, read it with fresh eyes.

Edit your work:

  • Does it have a clearly stated focus sentence?
  • Did you start with the most interesting part?
  • Is it organized so your audience can read it and clearly understand your meaning?
  • Did you use strong verbs?
  • Are people the subjects of your sentences (People can do many more interesting things than ideas can do, and your audience more easily understands your ideas when they see people doing those ideas).

Show your work to someone else: 

This is frightening. It takes all the courage you have, and then some. Remember, you are not your work.

  • Ask an assigning editor, a writing coach or a potential reader to read your work and tell you what they think.
  • Resist the urge to defend your work.
  • Instead, listen to what they say.
  • Make changes to help your readers more clearly understand your intended meaning.

Repeat this process two more times before you publish.

Proof your work. Ask two other people to proof your work as well.

Publish. Now you are ready for the world to read what you have written.


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